Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Iowa High School Wrestling – Megan Black and Cassy Herkelman Make History

ST LOUIS (LALATE) – On Thursday, Iowa High School wrestling history will be made when Megan Black and Cassy Herkelman take to the mat in separate matches. Black and Herkelman are becoming the first two female wrestlers, ever, in the Iowa’s state championship meet.

But another record could be set in the history books this month. While Michaela Hutchison is the first girl to win a state high-school wrestling championship award ever, Black and Herkelman are attempting to be the first to do so in the state of Iowa.

Hutchinson five years ago in Alaska became the first female high school student to win a state wrestling championship, competing against boys. But in Iowa, it’s never happened. In fact, since the state championship meet was launched in Iowa in 1926, no female has ever qualified to the tournament. This week Black and Herkelman changed that.

Now the two are trying to break another record, going for the state title.

The National Federation of State High School Associations estimates that over six thousand girls wrestled across the country this year. But until this month, Iowa had never had a girl qualify for its state wrestling tournament. This week it has two. Both will compete against male competitors.

The Summer Olympics has sanctioned female wrestling as an Olympic sport since 2004. Three states (Texas, California, and Hawaii) have reportedly sanctioned it on a high school level. But Iowa hasn’t done so for high school students.

When asked by news how they are preparing for the week, the two girls say they aren’t under any pressure. They just want to win, and have every intentions of doing so.