Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Marie Osmond Remembers Elizabeth Taylor

Marie Osmond is one of the many stars in Hollywood who is mourning the passing of legendary actress, Elizabeth Taylor last week. Elizabeth’s life ended at the age of 79, but her legacy will live on forever.

Marie Osmond spoke out about the first time she ever met Elizabeth Taylor after she and her brother Donny Osmond did their 500th show at the Flamingo in Las Vegas the other night. She met Elizabeth Taylor at the White House during Ronald Reagan’s presidency.

Of the meeting, Marie said, “Those eyes…They were so beautiful just as everyone says.”

Osmond also went on to praise Elizabeth Taylor’s humanitarian efforts saying, “She showed so much courage in her fight against AIDS. She was one of the first celebrities to take up that cause, and I respect her so much for that.”

Marie Osmond admired Elizabeth Taylor so much, that she even used violet colored eyes for her doll collection.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Whoopi Goldberg admits she smoked weed before 1991 Oscar speech

LOS ANGELES -- Comedian Whoopi Goldberg admitted to smoking weed before the 1991 Academy Awards ceremony and said she was completely stoned as she delivered her acceptance speech for winning Best Supporting Actress for her role in "Ghost."
"Smoking cigarettes and pot every now and then are my habits. And I thought, 'I've got to relax.' So I smoked a joint, my home grown" to get calm before the glamorous Hollywood gathering, she explained in footage obtained by TMZ Thursday.
She then described her shock when she was announced the winner of the prestigious prize and remembers trying hard to focus to just get to the stage.
"When he (presenter actor Denzel Washington) said my name and I popped up, I thought, 'Oh f*ck'...okay, up the stairs ... around to the podium … there's millions of people, get the statue, pick up the statue."
Goldberg's admission came out during a voice-over recording session for the 1992 film, "The Pagemaster." The celebrity website just obtained the footage and released it Thursday.
Though Goldberg appears calm and composed in footage of her Oscar speech, her mom was on to her and called her out on being stoned.
"My mother called me and she said, 'You smoked didn't you?'" the current co-host of "The View" remembered.
"I know you're not supposed to admit that you smoked pot … but just because I do it doesn't mean you should," she added.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Good Morning America Trashed By Chris Brown VIDEO

Brown went into a rage off stage, shattering a window, perhaps with a chair, and leaving ABC's studio without his shirt, all without completing a second scheduled performance.

During the interview, Roberts jumped right into a number of questions about Brown's 2009 arrest for the savage beating of his then-girlfriend, Rihanna. She mentioned that the restraining order that resulted from the incident had recently been relaxed, to which Brown responded: "I mean, it's not really a big deal to me now, as far as that situation, and I think today's the album day, that's what I'm focused on."

When asked what the acronym in the album name stands for, Brown said, "Forgiving all my enemies, and definitely, fans are my everything. That meaning, being able to go through everything I went through and show my fans that I love them."

That opened another opportunity for Roberts to try to bring the beating up, which Brown again preempted by very pointedly emphasizing his album. As the interview ended, Brown emphasized that he couldn't care less what others thought.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

UFC 128 Fight Results Videos

Saturday, March 19, 2011

US and allies strike Libya Live couvrage

Western forces hit targets along the Libyan coast on Saturday, destroying tanks and armored vehicles in the region of the rebels’ eastern stronghold, Benghazi, using strikes from air and sea to force Muammar Gadhafi’s troops to cease fire and end attacks on civilians.

Libyan state television reported that the airstrikes on several cities had killed 48 people and wounded 150 in ‘civilian areas’. The statement by the Libyan armed forces said the capital Tripoli as well as the cities of Sirte, Benghazi, Misrata and Zuwarah were hit.
libya – Reuters – March 20 2011 French planes fired the first shots in what is the biggest international military intervention in the Arab world since the 2003 invasion of Iraq. The missile strikes came exactly eight years to the day after the beginning of the 2003 U.S.-led invasion of Iraq.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s 26th annual induction ceremony Video

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s 26th annual induction ceremony tomorrow night at the Waldorf is bound to have at least one indisputably great moment when Darlene Love finally gets her due, having first set the rock ‘n’ roll world on fire in 1962 as the voice of The Crystals on the Phil Spector-produced chart-topper “He’s A Rebel.” Neil Diamond, long ignored but equally deserving for his 1960s Brill Building songwriting and early hits, rectifies another glaring omission. I’ll leave others to sing the praises of Alice Cooper, Tom Waits and Dr. John–who are certainly credible.
This still leaves at least a score of music heroes I’d induct if given carte blanche, starting with Paul Anka, far and away the most important of the teen idols that made up much of early rock ‘n’ roll, and Lesley Gore, whose early ’60s Quincy Jones-produced classics include “It’s My Party” and the proto-feminist anthem “You Don’t Own Me.”

That surf music royalty Jan & Dean have been denied is, as they say, a travesty. I’d say the same about Lou Christie, one of rock ‘n’ roll’s most distinctive vocalists and songwriters. British Invasion group The Zombies have likewise been overlooked, despite its unique creativity.

The Turtles, Paul Revere & Raiders, Tommy James and Mitch Ryder all had landmark hits in the 1960s–lots of them–and merit RockHall recognition. Nancy Sinatra was a true female icon of the period, and has a score more hits than “These Boots Are Made For Walkin’.” Laura Nyro didn’t have any major hits of her own, but wrote key ones for the varied likes of Blood, Sweat & Tears, Three Dog Night, the 5th Dimension and Barbra Streisand–and her albums remain hugely influential.

The missing Roc kHall travesty of the 1970s is the New York Dolls, who helped set the stage for punk rock. Like ‘em or not, Kiss did in fact “rock and roll all nite,” and Grand Funk Railroad was the ultimate arena/stadium rock act. And Joan Jett should go in, with or without her pioneering 1970s girl rock group The Runaways.

This website would also cite Chicago, Sonny and Cher, Blood, Sweat & Tears, Linda Ronstadt, Carly Simon, Chubby Checker and Mary Wells–and could easily make a strong case for all of them.

And let’s not forget one special man who should have gone in long ago as a Non-Performer: Ed Sullivan. Ed gave so many Rock and Roll Hall of Famers of all subgenres primetime national network TV exposure–for which all rock ‘n’ roll fans are forever indebted.

PS Editor’s note: and producers–Richard Perry, Phil Ramone, and Richard Gottehrer, just for example, as well as Quincy Jones. And of course, the glaring omission: the late, great Don Kirshner.

PS I hope when Neil Diamond makes his speech he mentions all the artists who’ve been ignored. He’s been on the ballot for years. It’s only been with a lot of outside pressure that he finally made it. Believe me, he was never Wenner’s first choice.

Alexandra Wallace, UCLA Student, Films Racist Tirade

UCLA's self-identified students Asian students in Alexandra Wallace and 3-minute-long tirade on YouTube videos posted show her to have gained national notoriety.

In the three-minute clip, a blonde girl, named on the internet as Alexandra Wallace, complains about Asian students using their cellphones in the library - and speculates they're 'going through their whole families, just checking on everybody from the tsunami thing'.

She concludes the video by saying that "even if you're not Asian you really shouldn't be on your cell phone in the library." How diplomatic.

The Daily Bruin reports that university spokesman Phil Hampton called the video repugnant, and added that the student is inquiring into whether Wallace is enrolled as a student.

Meanwhile, one Asian student posted a response to the Alexandra Wallace video entitled White Girls in the Library.

Here is the Alexandra Wallace Asians in the Library video (probably NSFW due to willful ignorance).

Monday, March 14, 2011

Bachelor Finale: Brad Womack Crushes One, Engages Another

It wasn't just a Womack family reunion for Brad, but for The Bachelor fans, too! (Hello again, Brad's hot twin, Chad!)

Remember, we've been through this all before, i.e. the Womack family meeting two women with the assumption that one of them will be Brad's fiancée by the end of the week (or, in our case, the end of two hours).

This time, however, the entire peanut gallery got the result they've been waiting for—a proposal.

After the elaborate mating game played out for the cameras over the last few months, did Brad kneel down before Chantal O'Brien or Emily Maynard?
Emily Womack has a nice ring to it, we suppose.

The pretty blond single mom from North Carolina was the recipient of a rather stunning Neil Lane engagement ring on tonight's Bachelor finale.

"You're so much more to me than a leap of faith. You're the one, Em," Brad told her, finally declaring, "I love you" for all the world to hear. "You're my once in a lifetime."

"I'm just really, really happy," she said, blinking back tears.

Of course, this Kodak moment came after the other one...

"You're an amazing person. Emily's very lucky. It just sucks because I felt so strongly," Chantal said, tears streaming down her face, after she ended up being the first woman out of the limo, and therefore the one getting the heave-ho.

Brad's family was impressed with Chantal's vibrancy and willingness to marry the wayward son on the spot, and initially they were concerned about Emily being a single mom and whether Brad was prepared to be a dad.

Chantal said she felt that Brad was "The Guy" when she first saw (and, er, slapped) him upon their first meeting.

But Emily's story about losing her fiancé in a plane crash brought Brad's entire family to its knees, and ultimately it was her vulnerability, her maturity and the "tough road" she'd traveled that had them edging into her court.

"My favorite thing that Emily said to me today was that [Brad] was her angel," said his mom, Pam, choking up with emotion. "I think she's had a very difficult time...so I want this to be very good for her."

"Chantal wouldn't relate to our world because, before you're a mom, you don't get it," said little brother Wes' wife, Prima. Added Chad's wife: "Chantal is the girl we would call and be like, 'We're going out for wine and sushi,' and we'd have a great, fun time."

OK, so some ladies need a third for Mommy and Me.

When they had their final date before the popping of the question, however, Emily grilled Brad (rightfully so, though it's annoying to watch on TV) about whether he was really "in it" with regard to her daughter, Ricki, reminding him for the umpteenth time that it's "not always fun."

"I don't think you're ready," Brad said, very obviously trying not to raise his voice (if such a thing is possible for Mr. Monotone) as he tried to convince Emily that he meant what he said about being committed to raising her kid.

"I really just messed it up big-time," Emily said in retrospect. "Every time something like this happens, my head absolutely sabotages my heart...and I screwed myself."

"I'm completely defeated," Brad added. "This particular date is making me question everything."

But obviously, that didn't matter, as Brad—in tried-and-true Bachelor fashion—picked the woman he struggled the most to win over. (Or they pick the most controversial one, but it was Jake Pavelka's turn to do that last season.)

"There's no question in my mind that Brad is the right person for me," Emily eventually admitted.

We wish them both the best, whether that "best" comes for them as a couple or not.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Japan Volcano Eruption 2011

The Japanese Volcano Shinmoedake on the Island of Kyushu Erupted on Sunday March 13

It is unclear at this point if the eruption of the Japan volcano is linked to the massive earthquake in Japan a few days ago, but at this point it certainly looks like that could be the case.

The Shinmoedake volcano started spewing ash and rocks into the sky, and the explosion from the eruption could be heard miles away.

It is located about 950 miles from the epicentre of the earthquake, and has lain dormant for a few weeks. Officials are not saying if it is related to the earthquake at this point, as eruptions are common in Japan's 'ring of fire'.

However, this is another blow to a country that is already struggling to recover from the worst earthquake in its history.

Hundreds of people have fled the area, as it is feared more volcanic activity could be coming.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Rikki Anderson aka Tericka Dye: Teacher fired for porn star past

Missouri school teacher Tericka Dye may have put her porn-star days behind her, but years later it's still coming back to haunt her.

Dye is also known as Tara Meyers. Though she used the professional pseudonym Rikki Anderson during her adult industry days, students were still able to dig up tapes of her X-rated past, leading her to resign from her job as a teacher.

This isn't the first time she's struggled with her past. In 2006, the science teacher and volleyball coach was placed on suspension without contract renewal at another school. She has passed background and reference checks, but since appearing in films -- be them adult or otherwise -- is not illegal, they weren't flagged.

Today, Dye has 4 children and is clearly trying to move on with her life.

When we were in high school, the most scandalous teacher shenanigans that we were made privy to was a DUI in the history department, but we can imagine the distraction teenagers might suffer from upon seeing their teacher getting it on on tape.

Dye's early career choices may have been morally questionable, but since she hasn't broken any laws does she really not deserve a second chance? We can certainly understand a concern for students' distraction, but is that enough to keep her out of a job?

Weigh in in the comments section below. We have a feeling there are a lot of conflicting opinions out there on the subject

Ash Wednesday Fasting Rules

There is no denying that Catholics are a driving force in the US but how many of us really know rules of fasting during Ash Wednesday? Find out right here.

According to www.americancatholic.org these are the requirements for catholics on this holy day:
'Catholics between the ages of 18 and 59 are obliged to fast on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday. In addition, all Catholics 14 years old and older must abstain from meat on Ash Wednesday, Good Friday and all the Fridays of Lent.

Fasting as explained by the U.S. bishops means partaking of only one full meal. Some food (not equaling another full meal) is permitted at breakfast and around midday or in the evening, depending on when a person chooses to eat the main or full meal.

Abstinence forbids the use of meat, but not of eggs, milk products or condiments made of animal fat.

Abstinence does not include meat juices and liquid foods made from meat. Thus, such foods as chicken broth, consomme, soups cooked or flavored with meat, meat gravies or sauces, as well as seasonings or condiments made from animal fat are not forbidden. So it is permissible to use margarine and lard. Even bacon drippings which contain little bits of meat may be poured over lettuce as seasoning.' - From americancatholic.org

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Mike Starr Dead at 44

Mike Starr, the former bassist for Alice in Chains has died, according to police.
Police have confirmed that they checked a residence at 1:42 p.m. at 1986 South Richards Street in Salt Lake City on Tuesday, where they discovered Starr's body.
He was 44 years old. The cause of death was not immediately known.
Starr was arrested for illegal prescription drug possession in Salt Lake City in February.

Starr was the original bassist for Alice in Chains a rock band that made its mark on the "grunge" scene with roots in the Seattle area. He left the group in 1993. Another original band member Layne Staley, died from a cocaine and heroin overdose in 2002.
Starr appeared in 2010 on the VH1 cable reality show "Celebrity Rehab" after suffering from a heroin addiction. [ABC 4]

Monday, March 7, 2011

Sheen’s Saturday Night Live

UPDATE SUNDAY AM: Last night's edition of Saturday Night Live hosted by Miley Cyrus with musical guest The Strokes drew a 5.4 metered-market rating, up 8% from the same night last season.

UPDATE 10:40 PM: Added below is the video of tonight's Saturday Night Live cold open, featuring cast member Bill Hader as Charlie Sheen hosting his own talk show Duh! Winning! Ironically, the skit aired on the East Coast minutes after the end of the premiere episode of Sheen's new internet show Sheen's-Korner. Duh! Winning! featured guests John Galliano, Muammar Gaddafi and host Miley Cyrus as Lindsay Lohan.

UPDATE 8:40PM: Word from the East Coast is that Saturday Night Live opened tonight's broadcast with a skit about Sheen that features host Miley Cyrus as Lindsay Lohan poking fun at the Two and a Half Men star and Tiger Woods. I'll post the video as soon as it's available.

PREVIOUS: A new Charlie Sheen show is now a reality but not on TV. The Two and a Half Men star today launched a Web show, Sheen's-Korner, streaming live on UStream at 7 PM PT. It features Sheen riffing on various subjects joined by a sidekick and one of his "goddesses." Forty minutes in, the show is still going with no end in sight, with viewership fluctuating around the 100,000 mark. It is a letdown after some pretty great interviews over the past 10 days, proving that Sheen is funnier in small dozes and produces sharper zingers when answering questions. (Or maybe the Charlie Sheen drug he says he is on is simply wearing off?) The broadcast was labeled as "premiere episode of Sheen's-Korner" with no schedule provided for future episodes. (It's the same title Sheen's nonexistent HBO show was supposed to have.) The show's slogan? "You're either in Sheen's-Korner or you're with the trolls."

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Liverpool v Manchester United Premiership 2011

This is the third match of the season between Liverpool and Manchester United, with Sir Alex Ferguson's men winning the first two games narrowly - 3-2 and 1-0.

Liverpool have enjoyed something of a renaissance under caretaker boss Kenny Dalglish but counterpart Sir Alex Ferguson will expect a return to winning ways for his league leaders, having dropped points at Chelsea in midweek.

Manchester United is the current leader in Premier League, with 60 points and away record of W4 D8 L2, scoring 23 goals and conceding 18 in those games. The team has recorded a tremendous amount of draws this season away from home. In the last game, top scorer of Premier League, Dimitar Berbatov scored 3 goals for the 3:2 victory.

United has been typically excellent at home this season, winning thirteen of the fourteen matches they’ve played and earning 40 points out of a possible 42. That type of form is obviously difficult to replicate on the road, and they’ve been a bit more vulnerable in recent weeks.

Predicted teams:

Liverpool: Reina; Johnson, Carragher, Skrtel, Agger, Aurelio; Gerrard, Lucas, Meireles; Kuyt, Suarez.

Manchester United: van der Sar; O Shea, Smalling, Brown, Evra; Nani, Fletcher, Carrick, Scholes, Giggs; Rooney.

Premier League - Liverpool vs Manchester United
Liverpool vs Manchester United live online
Match date: 6 March, 2011 - Kick Off Time: 13:30 GMT
Venue: Anfield, England

Watch Match Results & Goals
Liverpool [3 : 1] Manchester Utd

34' [1 : 0] Dirk Kuyt
39' [2 : 0] Dirk Kuyt
65' [3 : 0] Dirk Kuyt
90' [3 : 1] Javier Hernandez

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Chris Brown Nude Pictures Leaked

Naked pictures of Chris Brown is causing quite a stir on the internet tonight… After deciding to go blonde a week ago, Breezy wants to make sure he really gets your attention by leaking naked pictures of himself. Of course he’s claiming an “ex-girlfriend” leaked the pics…really Chris, you just became a blonde, so how recent is this ex of yours???

Sources say it’s not clear if this ex-girlfriend is planning to release anymore pics, but isn’t it suspect that she decided to to put this out on the same month Chris Brown’s new album “F.A.M.E” drops???

Friday, March 4, 2011

Wes Leonard Fennville tops Bridgeman (Video)

Wes Leonard, who hit an overtime layup to win Thursday night’s game against Bridgman, told the Kalamazoo Gazette last week that he’d been battling the flu.
“Sickness got to us a little bit,” Leonard told the Gazette after a win over Bangor.
Wes Leonard, who died at Holland Hospital, was the star player on a team that coach Ryan Klinger told the Press last month “have a special bond between them.”
“From top to bottom, this is one of the best teams I’ve been able to coach,” Klingler said then. “Our bench is awfully good during the game with their energy, and, if you look at really good teams, that’s what they have.”

Fennville was ranked No. 6 in the lastest Associated Press Class C poll.
“We have eight or nine guys playing (a lot), but we still have 13 guys on the team, and they are buying into being positive and supportive and playing whatever role is called upon,” Klingler said.

Faith Kroll Sex Show Demonstration At Northwestern University Video

Faith Kroll, 25, lay on a towel as she was done in front of some 100 students from Bailey’s class. The demonstration was part of an optional after-class discussion about the female . Faith and her fiancee, Jim Marcus, 45, were out to prove to the class that female real after deciding that a video the students were watching on the female was not realistic. Kroll continued and she and Jim Marcus climbed on the stage and the pair demonstrated the work

The school plans to pay Melvoin-Berg, the co-owner of Weird Chicago Tours, for the lecture.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Justin Bieber Apologizes for Flipping Off Paparazzi

Justin Bieber celebrated his 17th birthday Wednesday night with his girlfriend, Selena Gomez. The couple was then swarmed by paparazzi while leaving a romantic dinner at Maggiano’s. Bieber was angered and gave the paparazzi the finger after getting in the car. He regrets his actions and took to his Twitter to express his feelings about the incident.

According to Entertainmentwise, after Bieber realized that flipping off the cameras was a mistake, he tweeted, "Had a great bday and at the end of the night we got surrounded by paps and i reacted in a way i know better. im sorry."

The singer later added, "It's not always easy but i know better than to react in anger. Life has it's ups and downs but u guys r always there 4 me. i will make my mistakes but i promise 2 continue 2 grow with u and try 2 do."

In other news, Justin wished for fans to donate at least $17 to the Charity Water Foundation on his special day, reported PopEater. The foundation provides clean and healthy water for those in need. Justin tweeted to thank his fans for donating more than $40,000 saying, "On a better note i need to say THANK U to my fans.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Selena Gomez Punched

Selena Gomez Didn't Get Punched By a Justin Bieber Fan, Says Rep

Selena Gomez has received online threats from fans who adore her boyfriend, Justin Bieber, but have haters taken things a step further?

Rumors started on Twitter Wednesday that Gomez, 18, had been punched by a fan after photos surfaced of the Disney star covering her face and what appeared to be a fat lip. The topic #sorryjustin started trending on Twitter, and in no time, word quickly spread that Gomez was hit by a jealous Bieber fan. ( Read Selena Gomez Punched more... )

Selena Gomez Didn’t Get Punched By a Justin Bieber Fan, Says Rep – People Magazine

Read more from the original source: Selena Gomez Didn’t Get Punched By a Justin Bieber Fan, Says Rep – People Magazine

NEWS.com.au Selena Gomez Didn't Get Punched By a Justin Bieber Fan, Says Rep People Magazine Selena Gomez has received online threats from fans who adore her boyfriend, Justin Bieber, but have haters taken things a step further? Rumors started on Twitter Wednesday that Gomez, 18, had been punched by a fan after photos surfaced … Justin Bieber Apologizes for Giving Middle Finger to Photographers Hollywood Reporter Bieber's locks sell for $40K CBC.ca Justin Bieber on Flipping Off Photographers: “I Know Better. I'm Sorry” OK! ( Read Selena Gomez Punched more... )

Selena Gomez Punched by Justin Bieber Fan? Rep Says Selena Not Punched (Video)

Was Selena Gomez punched by a Justin Bieber fan at his birthday dinner?

“Selena Gomez punched” rumors starting swirling on Twitter when buzz that Gomez had a cut on her lower lip following Justin Bieber’s birthday dinner in Los Angeles made the rounds.

Did someone hit Selena Gomez? ( Read Selena Gomez Punched more... )

Selena Gomez punched by Justin Bieber fan? A look inside the rumor

On Wednesday, a rumor exploded like wildfire that Disney Channel star Selena Gomez -- while out enjoying dinner with Justin Bieber on his birthday -- was actually punched in the mouth by one of the singer's diehard fans who is angry over the two supposedly dating.

There are photos everywhere of this alleged incident, and also people claiming that very specific things happened. ( Read Selena Gomez Punched more... )

Did a Justin Bieber fan punch Selena Gomez? Her split lip at his birthday dinner

Rumors are running rampant on Twitter that a Justin Bieber fan may have punched his girlfriend, Selena Gomez, at his birthday dinner in Los Angeles on Tuesday night. Biebs was in a great mood when he and Gomez went into Maggiano's restaurant, but when they left, he was looking considerably less happy - and she had a cut on her lower lip. Ouch!

So did a fan hit Gomez? Update: Her reps tell Zap2it there is "absolutely no truth to the story." Phew! ( Read Selena Gomez Punched more... )

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Charlie Sheen Joins Twitter

Sheen has sent his first tweet, which reads, “Winning..! Choose your Vice… #winning#chooseyourvice,” along with a photo (at right with Rachel Oberlin).

He currently has 166,000 followers and growing.

***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** *****

Charlie Sheen has joined Twitter.

America’s most compelling train wreck will be sharing his wit and wisdom with the world at @charliesheen.

As of now, the “Two and a Half Men” warlock has yet to post any messages – but already has 30,000 followers, a number that will surge in the coming hours.

Gossip Cop can’t wait to read his ruminations on life, but we worry about losing sleep trying to keep up with anyone on a drug as powerful as “Charlie Sheen.”