Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Charlie Sheen Joins Twitter

Sheen has sent his first tweet, which reads, “Winning..! Choose your Vice… #winning#chooseyourvice,” along with a photo (at right with Rachel Oberlin).

He currently has 166,000 followers and growing.

***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** *****

Charlie Sheen has joined Twitter.

America’s most compelling train wreck will be sharing his wit and wisdom with the world at @charliesheen.

As of now, the “Two and a Half Men” warlock has yet to post any messages – but already has 30,000 followers, a number that will surge in the coming hours.

Gossip Cop can’t wait to read his ruminations on life, but we worry about losing sleep trying to keep up with anyone on a drug as powerful as “Charlie Sheen.”