Sunday, June 5, 2011

Baba Ramdev Arrested

Yoga guru Baba Ramdev was arrested Sunday morning by the New Delhi police from the stage when he was sleeping with his followers and sent to dehradun from Palam Airport, Delhi. Baba Ramdev landed Joligrant Airport of Dehradun by Special Plane by Govt. Delhi Police served an externment order on Baba Ramdev and Section 144 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC), which prevents unlawful assembly of five or more persons, was imposed. Police sources say the order was issued after Baba Ramdev used the Ramlila Ground for staging a hunger strike against corruption instead of a yoga camp. Sources have told News 24 that Baba Ramdev was detained and sent to Haridwar, but Home Secretary GK Pillai says the yoga icon voluntarily left Delhi. Sources say that Ramdev has sought the intervention of the Chief Justice of India. PTI reports also suggest that at least 30 people were injured in the police action in Ramlila Grounds.
Eyewitness accounts suggest Baba Ramdev was sleeping on the stage when the police reached; they woke him up to tell him that they are here to escort him out of the area. But Baba Ramdev jumped off the stage and went amidst his supporters. When he again reached the dais, cops tried to zero in, and that is when all hell broke loose. Supporters first formed a ring around Baba Ramdev to prevent him from being arrested, and then started throwing stones at the policemen. Some of the protesters were injured in the incident. Torn banners, mattresses and broken furniture lay all over the site. Parts of the stage also caught a minor fire that broke out during the melee. The cops fired tear gas to disperse the crowd. And within minutes, Ramlila Ground, the crowded epicenter of Baba Ramdev`s protest against corruption where thousands had gathered to fast along with the yoga icon, wore a deserted look.