Friday, September 23, 2011

Bristol Palin On A Mechanical Bull At Sunset Strip (VIDEO)

Bristol Palin was crawling the Sunset Strip last night, making a stop at the infamous Saddle Ranch Chop House. As anyone who's ever been to West Hollywood knows, you can't just stop in to the Saddle Ranch without taking a spin on the mechanical bull -- especially when rolling with a reality show film crew.

Taking a look at the Celebrity GPS video above, we'd have to admit she does a pretty good job hanging on for a while -- but not everyone there appreciates the show. One heckler jeers, "did you ride Levi like that?" and calls Bristol's mom "evil." You'd think she'd kind of be used to it by now, but Bristol decides to confront him.

Bristol asks the man if he hates her mom because he's a "homosexual," and things just escalate from there. We have to admit -- it made us cringe to watch a middle-aged man call the 20 year-old Bristol Palin a "f***ing b*tch" and "white trash." But if Bristol is surprised to find "homosexuals" around West Hollywood, maybe she should find new stomping grounds. We hear Huntington Beach is nice.