Saturday, January 16, 2010

Latest Haiti news

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is on her way to Haiti as the country struggles to deliver desperately needed aid. The U.S. has mobilized $48 million in food assistance. FULL STORY

Haiti on the plight of the country's orphaned children. Many are seriously injured, all are in need of care as doctors and relief workers try to cope in the aftermath of this week's earthquake.

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Latest Haiti news

* Doctors leave hospital, victims
* Where bodies go after disasters
* Techies brainstorm ways to help
* 'Towns absolutely destroyed'
* Aid teams told to be self-sufficient
* Aid efforts hindered in critical hours
* Mass graves found near Haitian capital
* Opinion: Haiti is not Katrina
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Other news

* Taliban: Voice on tape is injured leader
* 80 million may have H1N1, CDC says
* Ex-U.N. inspector arrested in sex case
* Ticker: Ex-Red Sox star slams Democrat