Monday, January 4, 2010

Steve Harvey morning Show 04 jan

Steve Harvey morning ShowSteve Harvey morning show is the most running hot radio show which has become the talk of America. Steve Harvey is known as the one of the best and funniest comedians. Steve has proven him self in many movies.
Steve is now doing a morning show on radio. This nationally syndicated show is by Premier Radio Network. This show includes humor, fun and great music along with hot celebrities from entertainment as well as sports world ad apart from that many engaging and appealing guests are invited to the program. Steve’s style and his sense of humor is the soul of the show.

The show is very refreshing, rousing and motivational and touches the heart of its listeners as it includes many useful and community concern topics as well as hot gossip. The show is great with its own uniqueness and originality spiced with Steve’s style which rocks the morning of its listeners.

The show seems incomplete without its co-hosts Nephew Tommy who do the segment called “Tommy’s Tips” with his amazing tips and Shirley Strawberry with the “Strawberry Letter” who help people by answering to their letters.

The show is a twist to the normal radio shows as well as morning shows as the certified “king of comedy” is there to get your day started.