Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Sneaky Soccer Goal

Yuzo Tashiro Hides Behind Goalie Jin-Hyeon Kim, Steals Ball And Scores (VIDEO)
Viral soccer highlights that involve defensive lapses usually involve a player kicking the ball into his own net, or a goalie walking away from a penalty kick that he thinks was a miss, only to have it trickle into the net behind him. Things of that nature.

This soccer screw-up involves a bit of trickery, however. During a J.League (Japan's top division) match between Kashima Antlers and Cerezo Osaka, Osaka goalkeeper Jin-Hyeon Kim makes a decent save off a free kick. He waits for the action to clear, and then places the ball on the ground to distribute it to one of his teammates.

The only problem is he didn't know Antlers forward Yuzo Tashiro was lurking behind him, waiting to poach the ball.

You can imagine what happens next. And you can imagine how dejected Kim was left feeling after the major gaffe.

Antlers tied the match 1-1 with the sneaky play, and then went on to win the match, 3-1. Poor Kim.