Friday, December 24, 2010

Aton Impulse VIKING-2992, The New Russian off Road Car

The roar of Russian-made batch Aton Impulse VIKING 2992 is amphibians, vehicle rescue with seven passengers. It is also pretty amazing.

Viking solve the problems of amphibians, a refuge in the remote is slightly various from his peers is far greater, with compact dimensions. Car a bit less than 16.5 feet and tips scales at 3218 kilograms and sensitive is powered by the World Health Assembly mid-mounted 1.8-liter 0.82 hp four-cylinder.
On the strategy to the top rated in a leisurely 37 miles, but since the aircraft is equipped using a pump from the Council, it can go 6.2 miles per hour on the water’s surface. Off-road just isn’t also bad both, with air suspension that will raise the automobile up 10 inches and less break angles approach 38%.
Can not be stunning, it could not be quick, however it is definitely quite surprising inside a Russian constructed specially for his tribe.