Sunday, December 12, 2010

Metrodome Collapse Video

If you haven’t seen the Metrodome roof collapse video, get ready for something unbelievable. This Minneapolis news story is breaking nationwide, as the Minneapolis Metrodome -- home to the NFL’s Minnesota Vikings -- suffered a roof collapse due to heavy snow. The Minneapolis Metrodome roof collapse is unprecedented, and in the roof collapse video below, you can see the Metrodome roof caving in to snow and finally springing huge leaks.

This Minneapolis news story teaches us the dangers of snow and winter weather. Never underestimate Mother Nature’s wrath -- just look at what happened to the Metrodome roof! Bloginity asks you to please stay safe this winter, especially as you travel during the holiday season.
Can you believe the Metrodome roof collapsed? Give us your reactions in the comments. You can pick up Minnesota Vikings gear right here and find NFL tickets right here.