Saturday, December 11, 2010

UFC 124 Results: Georges St. Pierre vs. Josh Koscheck

The main event fight on the UFC 124 main fight card is Georges St. Pierre vs. Josh Koscheck. It’s a title match, with GSP defending his title. Koscheck is full of swagger, but I haven’t seen that he’s fighting all that different from when St. Pierre defeated him the first time. We have live results for you, as we are watching the UFC 124 live stream online now!
Round 1
Herb Dean the ref, the fighters DON’T touch gloves and here we go! Koscheck on the inside, St. Pierre tries a kick but misses. Then he charges him and takes him down at 20 seconds! Koscheck wall-walks up and they go back to the middle. A jab from GSP, Koscheck backs off for a second then comes back. GSP lands another jab, Koscheck bleeding under his right eye. St. Pierre goes for a takedown, but Koscheck avoids. In the middle, another stiff jab from St. Pierre. Koscheck swings a right and I feel the breeze from here. Another jab from GSP, then a lick. Oh! GSP lands a wicked right, and Koscheck feels that one! Inside kick, then a jab from GSP. A very technical battle from St. Pierre tonight. Koscheck slips out of a grapple quickly, and GSP punishes him with a jab on the nose. Koscheck’s eyes water but he charges him and backs him to the cage, trying to take him down. He has St. Pierre’s knee…he finally gets it! 10 seconds to go, GSP in full guard. Round over.
Round 2
Koscheck’s right eye is bad, swollen shut. St. Pierre is naturally using his left side more, and Koscheck is already at the disadvantage here. A superman jab from GSP. St. Pierre is putting his weight on his haunches more, putting more power in his jabs, he senses Koscheck is in trouble. He lands more jabs on the eye. A leg kick, Koscheck is not answering that much. A few jabs but they don’t land. St. Pierre starts to taunt Koscheck a little bit, dropping his hands. When Koscheck comes in, he’s ready and nails him. Another superman punch by GSP. Koscheck tries his right and St. Pierre avoids it. St. Pierre tags him with a jab again and rocks him, then two more! Koscheck is taking a beating! Koscheck lands a hard uppercut in a combo. He’s still in the fight! St. Pierre lands another double jab. Round over.
Round 3
St. Pierre comes out with a jab, then a kick. Koscheck hesitating too much, and St. Pierre taking full advantage. Koscheck tries, as his corner is hollering at him. They clinch up on the fence, battling for control and a takedown. St. Pierre drops down a little, then back to putting knees into Koscheck. They split and St. Pierre gives him some more jabs. Koscheck tries to push forward but they tie up. Then separate, St. Pierre landing another outside leg kick followed by a jab. Koscheck tries a head kick, misses by a mile. Then he checks the clock. Koscheck tries to charge and St. Pierre steps aside, lets him stumble across the mat. More jabs from GSP. Round over.
Round 4
Koscheck is far less cocky now as the medical staff checks his eye. Koscheck wants to continue, and they let him. St. Pierre comes out with some brutal leg kicks, both sides and then charges and takes him down. Koscheck gets back up, but St. Pierre hangs onto his back and takes him down again. Koscheck fights his way back up, and St. Pierre knees him in his right eye! They’re on the fence, tied up. The ref breaks them up. St. Pierre’s corner told him to circle and jab, circle and jab. That’s what he’s doing, plus some leg kicks. Koscheck lands a jab but pulls away quick. St. Pierre kicks and Koscheck counters. They trade punches again and Koscheck goes down to one knee. St. Pierre is putting on a clinic! Koscheck’s foot seems to be hurt. Koscheck connects with a hook. St. Pierre answers with an inside leg kick and two jabs. Another double jab from St. Pierre. He’s picking up the tempo. Now a left hook, kick, combo…Koscheck can’t answer. Koscheck tries a leg kick, he totally misses. Round over.
Round 5