Thursday, November 18, 2010

Erin Barry Tony Parker Cheating Scandal

Erin Barry Picture
The Erin Barry and Tony Parker cheating scandal has many wondering if there are other women Tony Parker cheated on Eva Longoria with.

Tony Parker’s cheating with Erin Barry, San Antonio Spurs’ Brent Barry’s wife, resulted in Eva Longoria’s divorce from Parker – could Brent Barry’s wife be the only other woman involved?

Eva Longoria told BFF Mario Lopez some of the details, including the fact that Tony Parker had cheated earlier in their marriage. You know how those repeat cheaters operate, so maybe other women will come forward too.

The Erin Barry and Tony Parker affair was reportedly just an exchange of text messages… innocent, right? Well, the content of those text messages is yet to be revealed and they exchanged hundreds of them! There’s got to be something racy in there.

What other women has Tony Parker cheated on Eva Longoria with? There was that French model, French model Alexandra Paressant, a few of years back, but later that rumor was shot down.

Now we’re wondering if there are others… will other women come forward and admit to having affairs with Tony Parker, as in the case of Tiger Woods, where many women admitted to screwing around with him?

Stay tuned….