Thursday, November 4, 2010

Lil Wayne Out of Jail After Eight Months in Rikers

Lil Wayne
Lil Wayne is out of jail, to the delight of Wheezy fans everywhere. With Lil Wayne out of jail, the famed rapper is set to celebrate - although he can't party too hard, of course. Yet even
though he is no longer in Rikers Island, he still has three years left in his probation, although it is unsupervised. But he can now serve it outside of prison, although there were early reports that he might have to stay for another night. However, it appears that Lil Wayne is now out of jail officially, with his celebratory party to come in Miami this weekend.

In March, the rap star was sentenced to a year-long prison term for having a loaded gun on his tour bus. But he stayed busy, as his latest album was released in the meantime. Due to good behavior in other areas, his time was ultimately cut short.

Therefore, Rikers released Lil Wayne this morning, although there were some problems near the end. He spent the last month of his sentence in solitary because he had a contraband charger and headphones. In addition, there were reports in the early morning that his time was "miscalculated" and he would have to serve another night for an infraction.

But at 8:35 a.m., reports came out that Lil Wayne was set free after all, right on schedule. Rikers did not clear up what "infraction" might have kept him inside longer, yet it appears to have been cleared up internally. In any case, even if he wasn't let out until Friday, his welcome-back party would still have gone ahead on schedule.

With Lil Wayne out of jail, his friends, family and label are welcoming him back to the outside in style. According to Young Money Records, he will have a big party thrown for him on Sunday in Miami, complete with strippers.

He might even have time to go back on stage before then, as his protégé Drake is performing at the Hard Rock Hotel on Saturday. Drake hinted that he would "strongly advise" people to get tickets, suggesting that his mentor will be involved in some way.