Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Mystery Missile Launch California Caught On Video

Last night the sky in southern California was lit up by what appears to be a missile. The event was captured on video taken from a news helicopter from a major television network.

Was the military testing some new weapons off the California coast? The Pentagon says that there was no testing going on in the area by any of the local military bases. The United States government is not really sure what the flying object was, or who may have launched it into the air last night. The United States Defense Department, and others, have said that the object did not appear to be a military type projectile.

Some say that the object may even be an airplane. The event that transpired is being labeled as “unexplained” by officials. It is not being considered as a threat. A jet plane leaves behind it a contrail. A contrail is a trail of condensed water vapor that can be seen coming out of the jet engine. This could be misconstrued as a missile trail. Others have said that the object was moving too slowly to be a missile.