Tuesday, November 9, 2010

‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Winner Explains One-Letter Solve

For hardcore Wheelers, the one-letter solution Friday night was one of the most epic Wheelings of all time.

But how did she do it? Caitlin Burke explained her Wheel of Fortune strategy to Shepard Smith today.

So here’s the $10,000 question (or something): how did she do it?

I just looked at it, and um, I don’t know, that’s what came to me immediately. I thought it was “I’ve got a funny feeling” but when “funny” didn’t fit I was a little rattled and “good” came to me and I knew that’s what it was.

Also she wants to be clear that she “knew it before the ‘L’ was up there”… in other words, she didn’t need any letters, all you one-letter losers. Sadly Shep didn’t put her through a Slumdog Millionaire-style interrogation.