Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Messy Mya murdered and death pictures spread on internet

The 22-year-old comedian had been attending his girlfriend’s baby shower and was shot around 8pm. No motive has been determined as yet although various reports indicate he had been “busting someone’s balls”.

Rightly so, many news sites this morning are in uproar about the indignity Messy Mya must suffer, even in death, because heartless individuals have their own sensationalist agendas. By publishing those photos they have not only trivialised his death but also caused more pain for his family.

It is thought that the first pictures were linked on Twitter and were subsequently “retweeted” countless times. Twitter have since deleted the images from people’s home pages.

The internet is fairly well policed these days, unlike the early days when almost any information was available, US governors wish to see an even bigger increase in censorship through the Internet Blacklist bill. Citizens and voters are campaigning against the bill but with events like the death of Messy Mya it’s hard to argue against further censorship.