Monday, October 18, 2010

Eric LeGrand Injury

Eric LeGrand injury has caused a lot metal problems to all of his team members and the ones that love him; he got badly injured in his recent game and till yesterday things were not very clear about him but today it has been known that he received a very severe injury and has been paralyzed below his neck. Eric LeGrand injury shall be keeping him in the hospital for some coming time as he is actually not in a good condition and is currently getting intensive care. The coach of the team has given a statement that Eric underwent a surgery that was done in order to stabilize his spine, formerly we heard some emotional statements from the coach as he said that he trains the boys like they are his own kids.

Eric LeGrand injury is considered as a big sacrifice by the defensive tackle, he has earned a lot more respect in the hearts of the public as he did not look that he can get hurt and he continued to play in the best manner.
All he was actually focused on was to lead his great team to victory and make a memorable performance on the field. It has been actually reported that this athlete was in high spirits probably because he may be thinking that he got injured for a good reason and actually he was really happy that the coach and his friends were with him in the bad time. It has been seen that at such moments this is the only thing that helps a person to get healed up soon.