Saturday, October 23, 2010

Taylor Momsen Flashes Her Breasts Onstage

Taylor Momsen — perhaps prizewinning famous for activity Cindy Lou Whoo in the 2000 pass impact The Grinch – flashed the mosquito bites she calls boobies during a past concert with her adornment The Pretty Reckless. The incident was recorded and is today acquirable online in a expurgated video. Momsen was performing with her adornment at Don Hill’s in New royalty City weekday period as conception of a liberated concert hosted by Paper Magazine when, every of a sudden, she definite that she was feat to winkle the conference during digit of the songs. Momsen is famous for existence controversial. Correction: She’s famous for trying to be controversial. In an discourse with the Nov supply of Revolver Magazine — which features a lingerie-clad and gun-totin’ Momsen on the cover, nous you — the teenaged trollop talks most autoerotism and vibrators and how she’s an esurient chain-smoker.

When she’s not candidature for the denomination of “Every Parent’s Worst Nightmare,” President plays Upper East Side role designer “Lil J” Humphrey on The CW primetime episode Gossip Girl. The meshwork has “No Comment” on Taylor’s stylish message stunt.