Sunday, October 24, 2010

UFC 121 Results

Ed Mulholland for
The Ultimate Fighting Championships have arranged some more fights between their brave fighters who can withstand any challenge. The UFC 121 was back in action again and now the fights have been ended as well. The grand fight and the most awaited one was between Brock Lesnar and Cain Velazquez. All the fans had the feelings that Brock will beat this man but the reality was different from their expectations and Brock was not the one who stepped out with the championship title. Cain Velazquez did not left any chances for Brock to win the match after he defeated him in four minutes of the first round. The UFC 121 results are a great shock for the fans supporting Brock who were expecting him to win.

The UFC 121 results came with new news this time along with a new champion who walked inside the Octagon and defeated the defending champion. Brock Lesnar was proved his bravery and had no regrets on the UFC 121 results. Eventually Brock Lesnar congratulated Cain on his victory and stepped out of the ring quietly without any anger. The mixture of boxing and martial arts is a great combination to provide the fans with the ultimate entertainment they wanted to see. Cain Velazquez and Brock Lesnar’s fight was an awesome one fought yesterday on Saturday night. The UFC 121 results include the fights in the lower bout matches as well. The details about other matches can be watched online on the internet with the name of winners as well.