Saturday, October 9, 2010

Jenn Sterger Pics

Jenn Sterger Pics pictures
Who is Jenn Sterger? She is a model in Brett Favre text and photo controversy. Brett Favre and Jenn Sterger, the two former employees of the New York Jets find themselves wrapped up in an internet scandal, which claims Brett Favre sent inappropriate text messages, voicemails, MySpace messages and even pictures of his genitals to Jenn Sterger, a former sideline reporter.

Brett came to know Jennifer Sterger at work when he played for the Jets. Though the relationship was hot talk of the town, Jenn made no attempt to bring the allegations to open.

Deanna Favre, Brett’s Wife, was upset about the allegations that her husband was having an extra marital affair and the mistress looks exactly like her when she was just twenty! Deanna is an enthusiastic American activist supporting the cause of breast cancer research. She was herself diagnosed with breast cancer in 2004 at the ripe age of 35. She and Brett w edded in 1996 and have 2 daughters from the marriage.

According to Jenn Sterger’s Wikipedia: Jennifer “Jenn” Lynette Sterger (born November 29, 1983 in Miami, Florida) is a model and television personality, and former online columnist for Sports Illustrated. In August 2008, the New York Jets hired her to be the “Gameday Host” for the team.

Jenn Sterger rose to fame after she was shown on national television during a 2005 Florida State Miami football game. On seeing the shot, announcer Brent Musburger commented that “1,500 red-blooded Americans just decided to apply to Florida State.” She was one of the FSU Cowgirls, who are known for their combination of minimal tops, short shorts, and cowboy hats. She has since posed in both Maxim and Playboy magazines. Sterger is also the “Sports Babe” for Sprint Exclusive Entertainment.

Jenn Sterger, a host on The Daily Line on VERSUS, was discovered five years ago in the stands at a Florida State football game. She was wearing a skin tight Florida State beige tank top along with a straw cowboy hat and she created an instant commotion and went from an internet sensation to poising for Maxim and Playboy. She used her Jenn Sterger Playboy sexy looks to become famous and get work.

Now according to a report on and, Sterger put in her two cents on WQAM radio in Miami concerning Ines Sainz, the reporter for TV Azteca, that has created a stir with her allegations that New York Jets player and coaches catcalled her and made boorish comments towards her at a Jets practice last week.

According to Sterger, Sainz got exactly what she was looking for with her allegations against the Jets players and coaches and that was lots of attention and publicity.