Sunday, March 28, 2010

Paige Birgfeld Body Found

There are several unconfirmed reports suggesting the body of a single mother Paige Birgfeld has been found. Paige, a 34-year-old white Colorado woman went missing in the year 2007 and ever since; no one ever saw her alive. However, no official or police statements have been released on the issue yet.
According to the details it was a baffling case for the Colorado authorities that initially believed it might have been a case of ‘staged’ disappearance on part of Paige when she went missing mysteriously on June 28, 2007. The Sheriff’s Department Mesa County had, however, declared it a case of ‘missing person’ and one of their spokesmen Heather Gierhart had reported to the media in the month of July that year that police deputies were still unable to determine whether Paige walked away from Grand Junction or someone else was involved to take her away.
Things were pretty confusing since the red coloured Ford Focus vehicle that belonged to Paige was later found in the parking lot of a business, ablaze. The place was some two miles distant from where she lived in her family home. An act of vandalism was the first thing police believed.
Her disappearance was notified by family on June 30 and they strongly believed there was foul play involved and that a modelling agency as well as the escort service did have some link with Paige’s case where she had day and night jobs, respectively. Frank Birgfeld the father of victim informed the media and police authorities that there never was any sign of trouble with his daughter, howsoever.
However, there was mention of a person Rob Dixon that was identified as Paige’s ex-husband whom Paige and even her three children feared to be dangerous. It was revealed later that Dixon indeed was arrested on harassment charges. Dixon was ‘cleared’ by police when subsequently questioned about Paige’s disappearance but found nothing suspicious about him. Five-foot-four Paige with sandy haired white female wore strapless shirt or top of blue colour alongside short denims the day she vanished.
Lets hope the claims are true and a body found, if any, might solve the mystery. Updates on the same are awaited.