Saturday, January 8, 2011

Big Boss 4 Winner

The finals was very colorful. Sara Khan didn’t want to talk about her marriage. Jor Ka Jhatka Jhor se lega. Aanchal Kumar received the Big Boss Silencer award. She put up a very good dance. Hrishant Goswami got Chabibaaz award. Manoj Tiwari and Salman Khan got into an argument. Manoj performed a great dance. Sameer Soni received Aalsi award. mein Hun Mein award went to Veena Malik. She danced to popular Sheila Ki jawani tune. This time the fatigue of seeing Veena Malik was less. Hopefully it will be some time before we see her and by that time the fatigue would have worn out to least. By the way, is she looking at least 10 years older than when she came in?

Bejan Daruwalla predicted that Shweta Tiwari or Dolly Bindra will win. He predicted that Salman Khan will host next Big Boss show too. Kan Khau award went to Sara Khan. Drama Baaz award went to Manoj Tiwari.