Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Tom Hardy: Bane

Tom Hardy: Bane

Have you ever had to pack on the pounds for a movie role? I doubt that you have and if you haven’t you most likely can’t believe that it could be done if necessary. Many actresses and actors gain or lose weight for roles as needed. Tom Hardy may look like a little guy but once you see him as Bane you will be shocked at how different he looks.

Tom Hardy is not going to be the little Inception guy anymore. He will be a lean mean super strong fellow. This English actor is going to have a lot of fun with this role. Are you excited about Tom Hardy playing this role or would you rather it be someone else?

I really don’t care who plays Bane as long as they do a good job. It’s going to be awesome to see him come to the big screen. Bane has been one of Batman’s best and most powerful foes. Good luck with making it awesome Tom Hardy.