Thursday, January 6, 2011

Homeless man w/golden radio voice in Columbus, OH

Columbus offered $15,000 to have the show hire this man for the show UPDATE2: I just spoke with Doral Chenoweth, the photographer/videographer who shot this piece for The Columbus Dispatch. He informed me that Ted can usually be found at the Hudson ramp off of I-71 South

(for those of you who live in Columbus). If anyone in the Columbus area can check him out, hopefully we can find a way to contact him (Doral said he did not learn where Ted lives, but Doral knows there are no nearby homeless shelters). Also, Doral was an awesome guy on the phone, he told me his wife is carrying around a restaurant gift certificate in her car for Ted in hopes she’ll see him again. If anyone needs any photography/videography work, look him up Doral on the internets here or here.
UPDATE3: I received an e-mail from the the radio jocks who featured the sound-byte from this video on their show 1/4/11. They are considering hiring Ted using the $15K donation one of the listeners said they would donate for his salary. If they choose to hire Ted, they will e-mail me. They asked that I not release their e-mail account.

UPDATE4: joshfitz posted a tweet by the radio jocks, they’ll have Ted’s story featured on their radio show Thursday! I am going to contact the RJs again to see if they were able to get contact information for Ted that they can share!

UPDATE5: Dave and Jimmy (the RJ’s that played an audio clip from this video on their radio talk show 1/4/11 where I heard this in the first place) gave the “OK” to share their information. Their show airs live from 6:00 am-10:00 am EST and can be listened to at They are trying to contact Ted to have him on the show on Thursday.

UPDATE6: dj1200techniques has set up a website for Ted Williams. dj1200techniques has been a redditor for over 2 years now with a fair amount of activity and karma, so I feel he’s trustworthy. Once we have contact with Ted, I will personally see to it that all funds get to him. Ladyfingers has offered to buy Ted a phone, is there anyone in Columbus who can PM with Ladyfingers to get that phone to Ted?

UPDATE7: [The Morning Zoo]( tracked down Ted! They’ll be hosting Ted on their radio show tomorrow, Wednesday January 5th at 7:15am EST! The link above has a “listen live” section, so we can all tune in then!

UPDATE8: jhietter has offered to sponsor Ted through this transition and oxytechx would like to get Ted work in the UK

UPDATE9: dj1200techniques’ fundraiser for Ted was an AMAZING success. We already hit the goal of $500 by a huge amount ($826 at last glance). Thank you so much for those of you who donated, but please don’t donate anymore, its probably prudent to not overwhelm Ted and instead give him a fair amount to get himself established again. Everyone who donated is AMAZING!