Thursday, January 27, 2011

Juliana Ramos car accident

Juliana Ramos is the fiancee of American Idol contestant Chris Medina who had a car accident just two months before their wedding. Juliana was injured in the accident and had traumatic brain damage. The sad event took place last October 2nd 2009. This tragic accident have impacted her life that nearly crushed her dreams. During her treatment, the doctors were convinced that she could not make it but miracles do happen in places where love is present. Having faith in Juliana, Chris Medina her boyfriend, never gave up til now and in fact, Juliana Ramos is his inspiration when he joined the quest for American Idol.

Above is a picture of Juliana Ramos together with American Idol contestant Chris Medina before her Car Accident. Could you imagine how sad their story is? They were about to exchange vows just two months left and then the unexpected came. Juliana Ramos car accident definitely changed their future but one thing is for sure and that is their love for one another even grew stronger and beautiful. If you watch the video that is posted below, you will be touched when Chris Medina said…
(Through thick and think, till death to us part, in sickness and in health, for better and for worse. What kind of guy would I be if I walked out when she needed me most)
After Chris sang Break-even by the scripts, American Idol Judges Steven Tyler, Jennifer Lopez and Randy Jackson were very impressed because Chris sang really good. They requested that Chris should bring Juliana in the room. Steve Tyler could told his co-judges that he is very happy. When Juliana entered the room, Steve Tyler talked to her and said..
Hey girl, I just heard your fiance sing and he is so good cause he sings to you all the time. I could tell… That’s why he sings so good because he sings to you.
Well this story really made my day even though I lack sleep. I just can’t help relate Chris Medina to Black Jack because their facial expression are the same. As for Juliana Ramos, the car accident may have shattered your dreams but God has a purpose and He gave you someone who will take care of you. A man who will love you no matter what happens. Good luck to you and Chris, Best Wishes and God Bless…