Thursday, January 20, 2011

Watch American Idol 2011 Premiere Online Live Stream Video

The teens are getting a big push this season, as we figured they would. Some, like Kenzie Palmer and Robbie Rosen, have impressive voices.
Victoria Huggins, on the other hand, has a Southern accent that makes Miley Cyrus sound refined. And “perky” doesn’t even start to describe the 16-year-old from Lumberton, N.C. She sings the Gladys Knight hit Midnight Train to Georgia, but it’s pure pageant. “I’m just ready to be the 2011 American Idol,” she tells the judges.
“This is my opportunity.” And it is — but it’s not for her voice. She gets by on her personality and a “Yo, yo, dawg.” In Hollywood, though, she’ll be cannon fodder.
I’m beginning to see why the Hollywood Week group was so large this year (a reported 325). This group of judges are a much softer touch than previous crews. They’re much more likely to put somebody through on the strength of their personalities. Simon would have shut 75% of those people down.

The next singer is 16-year-old a war refugee from Kosovo whose father won a green-card lottery to emigrate to the United States. So her family knows all about the feeling of getting the “golden ticket.” Now they know it twice.