Friday, February 26, 2010

American Idol 2010 Results: Who Got Voted Off

This is my favorite part of the whole darn show. Time for American Idol to RUIN someone’s hopes and dreams. YES! Just my thing!!!
Of course, they’re not going to just tell us who went home. They’re going to drag it out with a few crappy performances by PAST Idols, and maybe a few (or 50) commercials.
Kara’s husband was there this time, only to keep Casey James from filing a “SHE VIOLATED ME” lawsuit.

Oh, dear gawd. The contestants lip synced to themselves with the song, “American Boy”. Boy, did I ever miss THOSE fabulous performances.
They dramatically dimmed the lights for some people that I forgot even were a part of the show. Annnnnd out of the top row, the bottom two were, Katie Stevens and Janell Wheeler. Miss. Boring AKA Janell Wheeler got the boot. I was seriously impressed with her graciousness though. She was really sweet. Sorry Jebbica, your girl is OUT! Muahaha!
Allison Iraheta sang one of her songs, “Scars”. I like that song. It’s kinda emo and depressing. =D – Her hair was epic too.
Oh, here we go again. Dun, Dun, DUUUUUUUN!
Bottom two of the bottom row were, Ashley Rodriguez and Didi Benami… Ashley got the boot. And UNLIKE Janell, she was not as gracious. Instead, sort of rude about it. Guess she’s not as great as she seems to think.
Tyler Grady in a bathrobe?! Yeah, um… no thanks… Moving on!
More with that dramatic lighting thing they love so much. Oh no. My boyfriend Tim Urban was in the bottom. And he looked like he was pooping himself; that must have been why Joe Munoz had a weird look on his face. Ooooh, no that’s because HE was in the bottom also. MY BOY IS SAFE! See you later Joe Da Jockey. Say that ten times.
Kris Allen sang… Wow what a lame *I MEAN* bootiful performance. I do admit I listen to Kris Allen sometimes. Don’t judge me. I said don’t judge me. STOP IT RIGHT NOW!
But, he was doing it for a good reason. If you buy, “Let It Be” by Kris Allen on iTunes between now and tomorrow. 100% of the proceeds will go to Haiti. And after that, the cash will just go to the Idol Gives Back Charity.
The bottom two now for the boys is… Bathrobe Boy (Tyler Grady) and Alex Lambert. NOT ALEX! We all liked him , but I didn’t vote for him, because I was to busy voting for Tim. =D! Tyler gets the boot, and then whines after words.
I find great joy ‘n’ watching people gets their dreams shattered. MUAHAHAHAH!
What did you think? Leave your opinions and stuff in a comment. I need some different insight. K GO!