Thursday, February 25, 2010

Who Got Voted Off Feb 25 2010 American Idol

Who gets voted off American Idol 2/25/10 season 9 episode 18? Who among this season’s Top 24 contestants will be kicked off? What will be the American Idol 2/25/10 results tonight? We’ll find out when the full episode of American Idol 1st results show for 2010 airs tonight, February 25, 2010.

During the first LIVE results show of the season 9, we will see from the 2/25/10 results show four semifinalists – two male and two female – will be eliminated from the competition and sent home. Keep watching this space for edits and updates of tonight’s results show, to find out who got voted off in American Idol 2/25 results night.

Any predictions guys, who gets voted off among the American Idol Season 9 top 24 semifinalist? Who do you think are the first four contestants will be kicked off after America’s vote is revealed?