Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Yuna Kim - Don't stop the latest music (ex) gala

Follow all the action on Rings, where Todd Eldredge, the three-time Olympian, will provide analysis from his home in Florida, and Times reporters Jeré Longman and Katie Thomas will send updates from Vancouver. Joanne C. Gerstner and Lynn Zinser will contribute insight as well.
Miki Ando had the second jump of her combination downgraded, the triple loop, which she landed well short. That kept her from placing up with the top three women. Her triple flip was borderline, but she got the benefit of the doubt from the judges, but I think it showed she was a little tight and didn’t get the spring and lift she usually does. But she’s in fourth place and right in the mix.

There were a lot of great performances, which is great to see in such a big event. You want to see people skate their best and leave the points up to the judges.

The long program will be exciting. I think it’s going to be very exciting. Mao Asada is almost five points back and Joannie Rochette is nearly seven points and as strong as Kim Yu-na is, it’s going to be a tough battle for them. But it’s the Olympics and anything goes. – Todd Eldredge
Rachel Flatt skated well. It’s questionable whether they should downgrade her triple lutz, but that’s for the judges. She did what she set out to do. For her to go out there as the U.S. champion, it’s a lot of pressure. For her first Olympics, it’s great for her to put out such a good performance.

She’s just ahead of Nagasu and it’s good to see both of the American women up there in the mix. They are young and it’s their first Olympics. It’s exciting because hopefully four years from now they’ll be up there where the top women are now and contend for the gold. –Todd Eldredge