Monday, February 22, 2010

Command PR On “SPINdustry”

LOS ANGELES ( Command PR is going to be the celebrity management firm that is going to be featured in the latest endeavor of Kim Kardashian, who shot to fame with the reality series that followed the life and day to day activities of her family, “Keeping Up With The Kardashians.” Her latest venture is again on the same lines, that is, a reality show. Titled “SPINdustry,” the show will give the viewers more than a behind the scenes look at the daily activities of a PR firm, and all that goes into attracting possible celebrity clients, managing big events, and managing press conferences, in fact, calling the press at various events.

“SPINdustry” was aired for the first time on television on E! on Feb 21, Sunday, at 10:30 in the night, right after the airing of the final episode of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians.” The show features the long time friends of Kim Kardashian, Jonathan Cheban and Simon Huck, who are partners at the PR firm- Command PR. The show is going to be based on the activities of Command PR, and will give an insight into the day to day tasks of the firm as they manage one event after the other.

The executive producer of the show, Kim Kardashian herself made a guest appearance in the debut episode of the show. Each episode of the show is going to feature a new celebrity that Command PR will be managing. According to Jonathan Cheban, the show was completely the brainchild of Kim Kardashian, and it is a very good idea for a reality show, considering that PR industry is currently one of the most glamorous in show business.