Friday, February 26, 2010


Dawn Brancheau was the reknown and expert whale aquatic trainer. She was doing his job in the Adventure Park. She loved to swim and she also loved to be with the sharks but her expertise was to train whales. Dawn and her sister both were the whale’s trainers. There are twenty nine trainers in the park but Dawn was the most expert one.

On 24th February 2010 Dawn brancheau was enjoying her company with sharks. She had just performed the noon show. She started rubbing her child like shark. Suddenly a shark came from the pool and took her in the water in her sharp teeth. Shark took her underwater and .torn her into pieces. The water turned red. It was a dreadful scene. All the spectators became very scared and started running away.
One of the spectators had captured this video and sent it to the google.In this video a whale Tilikum torn her into pieces and the scene is really dreadful. After watching this scene everybody started running and in few minutes the whole stadium became empty. The Tillicum is 20,000 ponds heavy whale. The video is very scaring so small children and the heart patients should not watch this.
The fans of the Dawn Brancheau can see this video on google.The Adventure Park is closed for few days. As the management is saying that the lives of their workers are their most important priority and everybody is restricted that no one will go in the water with that killer whale Tilikum