Saturday, February 27, 2010

Watch Live video-- CHILE EARTHQUAKE: 8.8 Magnitude Quake Hits Chile

A big Chile earthquake has hit the inner region of the state. The Chile earthquake is said to be of the magnitude of eight point eight upon the Richter scale. The epicentre of the Chile earthquake was three hundred seventeen kilometers SW of the capital of capital of Chile named Santiago.

The United States geologic survey (USGS) told the Chile earthquake hit at 0634 Greenwich Mean Time at the depth of approximately fifty-nine point four kilometers. There’s no info so far of any fatal injuries but at the reported magnitude it will be really fortunate if the number of dying stays at 0. The United States government has stated that a tsunami caution for Peru as well as Chile had been brought out.
Shakings were experienced due to Chile earthquake within Santiago causing the constructions to swing for about twenty secs. Electricity supply and telecoms were accounted to have been impacted. As this Chile
earthquake has come shortly aft the dreadful earthquake within Haiti, everybody’s intention will be upon the 1st respondents to assure the saving endeavors that requires coming about will be offered right away. Haiti was hit by a quake measuring seven on the Richter scale.
During 1960, Chile was struck by an earthquake with the greatest magnitude within the twentieth century as a nine point five tremor resulted in killing one thousand, six hundred and fifty-five citizens. Across the last couple of yrs natural calamities in the shape of high magnitude earthquakes have turned more and more destructive.
We’ll come back with updates on the Chile earthquake as additional particulars come forth