Saturday, April 24, 2010

Faber vs Aldo Live Results: Play by Play Results

ALDO vs FABER: Ben Henderson vs Donald Cerrone WEC Action Odds: The co-main accident of tonight’s WEC ALDO vs FABER atramentous will be in the failing division, as WEC best (11-1-0) Ben “Smooth” Henderson [-105 ML] takes on (11-2-0, 1 NC) Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone [-125 ML] for the additional time in a action that was called the 2009 Action of the Year. This action will set the table for the WEC capital event, ALDO vs FABER WEC Action Allowance at ARCO Arena in Sacramento, California, tonight at 10 PM ET (7 PM PT) on PPV.
The aboriginal time these guys faced anniversary added it was an absolute war amid the Cowboys and Smooth. In the end, the accommodation went in favor of Henderson who won the WEC failing acting title, but some accept that Cerrone ability accept done just abundant to appear out on top. One of those believers is, of course, Donald Cerrone, who accept it or not, was blessed to apart that night.

“I acquainted like I won the endure two [rounds]. I acquainted like Ben won the additional and the third, and the aboriginal was up in the air,” he said. “I wouldn’t say I was bridge my fingers, but if it was over I was just like, ‘Hell, yeah. F*** yeah! That was awesome.’ Either way it went. Afterwards the decision, I went into the bathrobe allowance and said, ‘Hell, yeah, Ben. That’s what’s up.’ That’s what humans wish to see, and that’s how I plan on angry every time.”

For the champ, he hopes to be best in the WEC still afterwards the night of April 24th. And even admitting WEC Action Allowance makers accept in fact listed Henderson as the sports action allowance underdog to lose tonight’s fight, for the Taekwondo atramentous belt/BJJ amethyst belt, it’s all about ambience an archetype and getting a absolute role model.
“I don’t accept the best affidavit and I apparently don’t accept the best story. I can’t absolutely allocution about it like some added humans can,” Henderson says of his faith. “So I do what I can. I accomplish it a big accord to airing the walk.