Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sandra Bullock Adopts Baby Black Boy Named Louis

Sandra Bullock Adoption accompanies the news that she is going to raise the baby as a single mother for she has filed for the divorce from Jesse James. At the People magazine cover we meet another Sandra Bullock, a proud mother not a sad and scary ex-Jesse James wife.The Sandra Bullock adoption is all over the net and there’s no wonder why.

The scandal that erupted about her soon to be ex-husband Jesse James and his liasions with other women brought their five-year, seemed to be perfect marriage crumbling down.The latest news is that 45 year-old Sandra Bullock and 41 year-old Jesse James had been going through a 31/2 year adoption process. Sandra Bullock has filed for a divorce and she has decided to raise the baby, Louis, who is names after great jazz musician, Louis Armstrong, alone.According to People, Sandra hid the child for the past 5 months stating she wouldn’t even let her friends come to her home. Bullock’s adoption of an African American child distinguishes her from celebrities like Angelina Jolie and Madonna who have adopted African children.

These stars are often criticized for adopting black children claiming they are using it for publicity. Some are also critical of this adoption trend claiming black children shouldn’t be in white homes.Sandra Bullock adoption of baby Louis Bardo was done secretly that she did not even tell her stylists, make-up artists about it.Sandra said that she plans to raise the 3 1/2-month old child alone. Read the full story at People Magazine.
Sandra and Jesse had been trying to adopt for years and finally brought Louis home in January. They were going to go public with the adoption news after the Oscars, but we all know what happened next.
Sandra also says she is going through with the divorce from Jesse James, who not only loses out on Sandra Bullock as a wife, but loses out on this sweet baby named Louis Bardo Bullock. Sandra is finalizing the adoption papers as a single parent.Wow, this is totally unexpected and a positive out of a very negative situation. Very happy for Sandra and little Louis. What a lucky kid he is, and in turn, I am sure she is just as lucky. I think she will be a fabulous mother. Team Sandy!