Thursday, April 22, 2010

South Park Episode 201

South Park
The second part to the celebrities return to South Park episode began with a bang. Cartman was still searching for his father while experiencing a Vietnam flashback via Connor. The Gingers were still holding the city hostage with their arsenal of bombs until Muhammad was turned over, and they looked pretty ticked off that instead of the esteemed God they were duped with Santa in his Place. Mr. Hanky made an appearance, Mechazoid Streisand was on the lose, and the Super Best Friends were on their way to save the day.
The Legion of Doom – Tom Cruise and his cronies – were at their secret hideout – Tom’s house – and the seeds of doubt were showing. Some of the legion of Doom wanted to call off Mechazoid Streisand but that damn Tom Cruise had a lust for blood. Stan, Kyle and Kenny had a secret plan to save the day, and Cartman was still searching for his dad. For an opening ten minutes it was wild ride!
The answer Cartman seeks likely won’t come. It never does. Viewers have been teased for 14 seasons, so long an convincingly in fact that it was actually becoming accepted that Cartman’s mother was also his father. For South Park that’s pretty reasonable all things considered. It’s easier to buy that than it is that Mechazoid Streisand laid the Super Best Friends to waste with her vaginal discharge. In real life, Jesus could handle that no sweat. He probably wouldn’t like it, but he could do it.
Finally the Super best Friends were tipped off by Moses that the only weakness Streisand has is her inability to resist the urge to sing duets with Neil Diamond. The Gingers grabbed Muhammad for his goo, and sent a taunting message to the Legion of Doom. The Gingers trapped Cartman in his worst nightmare – the Chili Con Carnival with Scott Tennerman!
At this Point Krishna took the form of Neil Diamond. The plan worked as she couldn’t resist mechanically screeching “You Don’t Bring Me Flowers” long enough to allow the remaining Super Best Friends to head to the Legion of Doom headquarters. Todd, one of Cartman’s greatest rivals, has the name of Cartman’s father but takes his revenge out withholding it to torture the big boned bully. Meanwhile back at the Dr.’s house…. Cartman’s father is revealed! Cartman finds out that his slut of a mother had a sexual tryst with a Denver Bronco, Jack Tennerman, whose name couldn’t be revealed because the Broncos were having a really good season.

The delicious twist is that Cartman Killed his own father and fed him to his half brother Scott at the Chili Con Carnival seasons earlier. Meanwhile the celebrities found that there is no secret Muhammad goo that makes them impervious to being made fun of. Oddly enough though that is only learned when the kids realize they can say Tom Cruise has Seaman (The Super Best Friend) on his back and nothing happens. Of course a great lesson was learned and was shared, except of course it was entirely bleeped out so the rest of the world will never know what it was.
And it all ends with South Park rebuilding itself after the destructive force of Mechazoid Streisand leveled it – for the 39th time. To see the episode for yourself, visit South Park Studios.