Monday, April 26, 2010

When Love is Not Enough The Lois Wilson Story

“When love is not enough: the Lois Wilson story” is the story of one young women, who is studied in collage and she was from affluent family. She met to bill Wilson, and married with bill in 1918. When he returns from duty, then they live a life together in the New York City. On that days Lois working in the hospital.
Bill was so sad after noticed that increase in his drinking habits. In those days, one couple comes to live a luxurious lifestyle. Inspired of this problem, Lois controls his job and their lifestyle. In 1935, after unsuccessful their marriage life. Lois watches that he takes control in his drinking hebit.but she doesn’t want help or support of recovering alcoholic.
After 17 years to cure his sick husband, Lois Felt Isolated and angry that he was sober, Without Her Help. Na Lois discovered she was not alone. Slowly, she committed the wives of men in Bill’s program and realized that while the Bill was addicted to alcohol, she was of Dependent HIM – THAT Family And Friends And Mater Some alcoholics are on, said that their Dear Sick. Lois Had It Necessary for Understanding to Fix to Help for Her fractured relationship Millions of others do the same .