Thursday, April 22, 2010

South Park Episode 201 with the Name Muhammad (PBUH) Censored

South Park
The episode 201 of the hit Comedy Central adult animated show “South Park” was originally made to depict the Islamic Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) as one of the characters who return for revenge on the makers of South Park for making fun of him. It is stated by the producers of the show that in the original episode the depiction of the prophet was not insulted in any way, neither was it made fun of. But of course the “depiction” of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) in any way, is prohibited. This was told to the producers of South Park by an Islamic website.
According to details the website posted an indirect threat to the makers of South Park by saying that they might end up like the Dutch filmmaker Theo Van Gogh, who was killed by unknown people, probably for making a movie that portrayed violence against women in Islam. Makers of South Park evidently got scared of the threat and censored the whole depiction of Islamic Prophet (PBUH) from the episode and whenever someone took the name of ”Muhammad” in the episode, it was replaced by a beep. That is the reason that you’ll hear a lot of beeps when you watch this episode of South Park. As far as the visual depiction is concerned, the character of Muhammad (PBUH) was replaced by Santa Claus.
It is reported that some time after the threat post on the Islamic website, the website was overloaded with traffic and a lot of people accused the message being a threat, but the webmaster denied that it was a threat.