Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Britney Murphy Death Photo

Britney Murphy Death Photo

On the heat of Britney Murphy’s tragic death, masses are already searching for Britney Murphy Death Photo. It should not be searched to preserve the sanctity of the dead body.

I absolutely and utterly have no intention and interest in looking for Britney Murphy Death Photo, the embarrassing truth about the face is that most of us do not think in the same manner and if someone asks them to look at Britney Murphy Death Photo or any other celebrity’s death photo, they would most likely be curious to check out that photo.

How is it that people are becoming so desensitized to death that they are ready to see gruesome photos of celebrities ready to be graved.

One question I want to rise on this point, are we by nature curious to see the inevitable part of life, which is unusual to witness? Or is it entertaining to see such photos.

According to details Brittany Murphy died due to cardiac arrest. If we look in to more details we will find that she suffered with flu like symptoms and vomited for several days before her collapse in the bathtub of her L.A home.

Ed Winter the chief assistant for coroners said that autopsy has been performed on Brittney Murphy’s dead body and now they are waiting for the toxicology and tissue test reports before determining the official cause of her death.

According to the details coroner’s office also investigated the person physician of Brittney Murphy and examined the prescribed drugs taken from her Hollywood home.

Brittney Murphy collapsed in her bathtub earlier on Sunday, her mother called 911 for help paramedics tried to revive her first then took her to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center where she was pronounced dead.

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