Saturday, December 19, 2009

Snookie Punched Video Released By MTV

Snookie, loud and in your face star of MTV’s Jersey Shore, was punched in the face recently while filming episode 4. A gym teacher, Brad Ferro, got into an argument with Snookie after she accused him of stealing her drink. The argument turns violent when Brad clocks Snookie good and knocks her out. Snookie is laid out on the floor like a very tan dish rag. Brad Ferro is a physical health teacher at Middle Village and North Queens Community High School and has been suspended for his actions. Snookie is just riding the wave of popularity this incident has brought her. The fight scene was edited out of the 4th episode but has since been released by MTV. MTV’s Jersey Shore is becoming a runaway hit despite all the controversy that surfaced when the show first aired. Snookie is a very outspoken member of the show.

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