Thursday, December 3, 2009


The golfer is cornered. One day after police stated that they are withdrawing their criminal charges against Tiger Woods, he has formally apologized for his secretive and immoral activities that came to the surface on the media. He told that he is shameful of the “transgressions” he has made to deceive his family. He has confined himself in his Florida home and appealed to the media not to peep in to his privacy. He told that although he is a world star athlete yet he did not know what yellow journalism really was. He told that he has had a very tough experience of this type of media reporting which had been spying on him and his family for last one week. He denied the rumor of his car accident as an aftermath or direct result of his wife’s attack on his car. He told that her wife has assisted him and his family and she always handled odds in a decent way. It is presumed with great confidence that Tiger, when felt cornered by different media reports having “concrete evidence”, decided to calm down the already-worsened situation going against him

altogether. The statement and voice-mail provided by Jamie Grubbs, who is an LA cocktail waitress, added fuel to Tiger’s fire when she provided not only the details but also the proof of her relationship with the golfer. She revealed he had been having sexual encounters with her for last two and half years. She disclosed the fact while giving interview to Us Weekly magazine. She claims to have Tiger’s 300 text messages as well as voice mail that she provided to the magazine. The voice mail contained Tiger’s voice requesting Grubbs to delete her name from her phone in order to hide the caller’s identity from his wife. He told that her wife was having a check on his phone.