Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Theresa Rogers Photos: Who Is The Mysterious Blur-Faced Man...

.and what does he think of the world seeing his mug, blurred or not, when searching for "Theresa Rogers photos"? Theresa Rogers, while the 253rd woman to come forward with alleged ties to Tiger Woods' crotch, is only the 38th purported "cougar" to do so.

Still, my mind wanders to the blur-faced man. Is that Rogers' ex-boyfriend? Or worse yet, current husband?! Do you think he had any idea when Theresa playfully jumped into his arms when they took that photo that someday the world would gander at that photo as a means of putting a face on Tiger's, um, latest sex tutor?

And now it occurs to me - as rotten as Blurry Man might feel when his buddies pull him aside at work today and say "Hey, the tabloid media just called your ex a skank," I cannot even imagine what Elin, Tiger's wife, must be feeling through all this. Practically a new girl everyday. Poor thing!