Friday, December 4, 2009

Guidos” in the spotlight in tonight’s debut episode of Jersey Shore

Jersey Shore, NJ – While most of New Jersey’s Italian American community rages over the depiction of guidos from North Jersey and Staten Island visiting the shore as a misrepresentation, as a lifelong resident of the Jersey Shore and an “Italian American”, I can attest that this depiction is not only accurate, but 100% spot on. Some are offended by the term “guido” but cast member Mike Sorrentino says the term “guido” just represents ”a good-looking Italian guy”.

Unfortunately, MTV is not uncovering anything new with the show, the actions that happen in the series have been going on for as far as I can remember. “Guidos” pile in their Camaros from Staten Island, North Jersey, Brooklynn and the like and come down to the shore thinking it’s theirs for the taking. Many get what they want, but many others find the Jersey Shore is stocked with capable law enforcement officers who have seen every trick in the book and are more than prepared for the aggressive New York guido crowd. That is part of the show we may or may not see.

MTV has focused its lens on various subcultures and rites of passage, uncovering a host of memorable characters in the process. With its newest series, Jersey Shore, MTV peels back yet a different curtain to follow eight young adults as they move into a summer share to indulge in everything Seaside Heights, New Jersey, one of the most popular summer hot spots, has to offer. Jersey Shore uncovers sometimes surprising, often hilarious and usually over-the-top personalities as they juggle work, love, nightlife, friendship and the drama that ensues. In the end, viewers see that there is more to these tan and buff individuals than hair gel.

Anyone who grew up at the Jersey Shore has already seen the first hundred episodes of Jersey Shore and probably things that will not appear in Jersey Shore. They are of course responsible for a fair share of the crime at the Jersey Shore, crime that rarely exists in the off season when they’re not in our towns. Engaging in fights on our family boardwalks, spilling out of the shore’s many clubs drunk, only to drive the 50 mile trek back home under the influence, sexual assaults on women, drug use and the more frequent assault and battery.

Going back to my teen years in Seaside, it seemed like there was a “guido” being arrested at every corner for their obnoxious behavior, fighting and basic disregard for anyone around them. As an Italian American and resident of the Jersey Shore my entire life, I’m glad MTV is airing this show because it gives the entire world a first hand look at what we Jersey Shore residents have been dealing with for the past 30 years or more.

There’s a reason they call it Reality Television. Instead of the Italian American groups raising hell over the image being presented, they should be working with the children and teaching them the right way to behave and avoid the whole stereotype these people have given their community.