Thursday, December 3, 2009

Tiger Woods: Affairs controversy highlights continued racism in America

Tiger woods cheated on his wife with Rachel Uchitel‎ and Jaimee Grubbs. Big deal! It seems as if cheating on spouses has become mainstream in American, but there are many hypocrites who still like to point fingers at celebrities for doing the same things they do. It's especially easy to point fingers at an prominent African American, Tiger Woods.

Bruce Springsteen was caught cheating on his wife this year and in 2006. However, there was very little controversy. Some media outlets even refused to publicize his so-called "wrongdoings."

Bill O'Reilly had multiple phone sex orgasms with Andrea Mackris. This made the news, but did little to hurt Bill O'Reilly's career. Most people just laughed it off. Till this day, Bill O'Reilly still points the moral finger at others even though he remains a major hypocrite.

There are many other White media figures who have been caught being "homewreckers," but nobody seems to be pointing fingers at them. Even though we have a Black president, the current Tiger Woods scandal has shown that not much progress has been made in America regarding racial equality.