Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Kid Cudi Arrested?:Kid Cudi Twitter Denial

http://music.spreadit.org/pics/kid-cudi-arrested.jpgKid Cudi Arrested?:Kid Cudi Twitter Denial – Kid Cudi Arrested is the latest hoax to hit the internet.A rumor is flying around claiming that Kid Cudi was just arrested on Fairfax Ave. in Los Angeles.The rapper is denying the story by saying:

“I was tasered (sh*t hurt like a muthaf*cka), I was not arrested.I left in my car service immediately after the incident took place. I didn’t put my hands on anyone…It wasn’t over me wearing Jordans; I arrived at the event in the most fugliest Reeboks ever, forcefully…For those who care I’m okay. I appreciate your concern…As far as what really happened, I know the truth and God knows the truth and my peoples who were there know the truth and thats all that matters.”