Thursday, December 3, 2009

Custer s Revenge (an adault video game cartridge)

Custer’s Revenge

r s Revenge: Custer for revenge (also known as the white man came) is not known to the video game that was released in 1982. I played in the year Armstrong Custer, historical figure who led the cavalry in the United States and met the end of the comic instead of the Little Big Horn. The game itself is fairly simple: you had the courage deadly arrows and graphics fool bad in order to get your character to the other side of the screen, and then I walked to the sexual abuse of indigenous American woman.

We are not kidding. This is the actual goal of the game.

This was not bad some Flash game developed by fifteen years in his parents basement. Mystery made by (a now-defunct video game company) and released for the Atari 2600. The fact that you have committed sexual crimes seems to be simply reviewed by management and marketing, although they did not remember to add ‘not suitable for minors to the interface box. ‘Are you facing a massive wave palm’ as had been left back on the cutting room floor