Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Tiger Woods accident update: Tiger Woods affairs with Jaimee Grubbs, Rachel Uchitel images

Tiger Woods accident update: Tiger Woods affairs with Jaimee Grubbs, Rachel Uchitel images. Media is game for Tiger Woods rumors and many people say that the media has played a bad role in this whole Tiger Woods car crash and allegations of his fight with his wife.

People are saying that they have become tired of the allegations and further allegations of affairs and new clues that seem to come out every other hour. Many people are saying that the media should mind its own business and leave Tiger Woods and his wife alone to sort out their differences.

Smith says, “Well has the Squeaky clean Tiger been finally caught up with? Sure he's the best golfer in the world but I don't see why anybody idolizes any athlete. He's human and I don't think he should be above the law. If Florida has those kinds of law about that kind of accident then the truth will never be fully known. Just remember by not coming clean Mr. Woods you will get hounded and rightfully so”.

Michelle says, “It's interesting how the police want to get to the bottom of this when Tiger doesn't. If it was one of us do you think they would care so much about domestic problem? They would tell us to take it to court and that's the end of it. When I called the police on my ex-husband who damaged my property and left bruises on me, I was told it was domestic problem and they cannot do anything about it. They need to leave that family alone and let them sort out their personal life themselves. Because Tiger is famous it doesn't give anyone including public the right to interfere in his life. It is not anyone’s business but theirs. He didn't hurt anyone in the accident so he has every right to say leave us alone. I hope he continues doing what he is doing by keeping these people away from his personal life. It drives media crazy when they cannot get their news story”.

Margaret says, “I think if his wacko wife hit him, then she needs to be arrested, heck if it was the other way and he had hit her, he would already be in jail. So with that said, Tiger needs to fess up to the truth”.

John says, “Agreed. If Tiger beat his wife with a golf club would people be telling the media to butt out?”

Patty says, “Go for it, Elin. If he cheated/is cheating, break everyone of his clubs over his cheating behind”.

Andre says, “Yes he is a true living legend, a role model to millions around the world. But what goes on behind closed doors is their business. I really hope they can work through whatever this is, but if my wife lifted a hand to me I am not sure I could be in there for the long run - she has anger issues that need to be addressed. If she is capable of hitting him with clubs - irrespective if Tiger is wrong or not! Imagine how she will be with the kids. At least we know that Elin can put everything behind her swing like her husband.