Monday, April 19, 2010

4 20 meaning

People, especially those who live in North America, are searching for 4 20 meaning on the web right now. There are thousands of them who are really curious about the 4 20 meaning. So, what does 4 20 really mean?

Basically, 4 20 is a huge celebration. A celebration celebrated across the whole North America. And it was called 4 20 or 4/20, because it is being held every 20th of April at exactly 4:20 in the afternoon. 4 20 also used to celebrate the cannabis culture and also known as the National Weed Day.

According to history, 4/20 started by a small group of teenagers who would always meet every after class at 4:20 to smoke marijuana. And I think, it boomed and the whole North America is doing that. But more and more versions to celebrate the 4 20 in different places are appearing. From Vancouver, Canada up to New York City.