Sunday, April 18, 2010

Death Of A Cheerleader Part 1

Death of a Cheerleader (True Stories Collection TV Movie)
Death of a Cheerleader aka a friend to die for is an American TV movie made in 1994 by William A. Graham. Written by Randall Sullivan and originally titled Death of a Cheerleader,the film is according to Graham’s own Rolling Stone magazine post concerning the real-life murder of a large school girl by her jealous classmate. Kirsten Costas, a fifteen year old cheerleader at Miramonte Large College was killed by Bernadette Protti, a much less well-liked classmate in 1984.The movie, Death Of A Cheerleader, supposedly modeled itself following the true story of Bernadette Protti and Kirsten Marina Costas/ Kirsten Costas.

cheerleader Stacy Lockwood a certain sign that she is quickly making headway while using in crowd, Angela rapidly discovers that it doesn’t take much for her new best friend to grow to be her new worst enemy. Now, as the vengeful Stacy unleashes a firestorm of cruelty and humiliation around the increasingly vulnerable transfer student, Angela grows unstable for fear of what horrors her venomous teen tormentor will inflict upon her following.
At an American higher university, all that matters towards the materialistic kids is that they’re the greatest at each factor and that involves cheerleading. When a single young girl finds that she has been humiliated in front of everybody she decides to exact revenge.
When Stacey Lockwood, the cheerleader and beauty from Santa Mira High School is murdered, the chief suspect is an outcast pupil. At the trial however, the whole community comes under scrutiny for the pressure it places on the shy and withdrawn Angela Delvecchio whom is revealed since the killer.
Depending on a accurate story. Angela (Kellie Martin) transfers for the public college in her town and instantly types a friendship with probably the most well-known girl, Stacy (Tori Spelling)