Monday, April 19, 2010

Emily West Blue Sky VIDEO

Emily West Blue Sky, Thank goodness that there are men out there who never appreciate their women until they’re gone, or else we’d be in a severe country song shortage.
Yes, country music may continue to change and evolve, but as long as men screw up, singers and songwriters in Nashville will stay gainfully employed.
When these sorry SOBs come back to their women begging for a second chance, the popular solution is to have them get blown off with sass and spunk (and occasional property damage). “Blue Sky,” the new single from Emily West, is a more somber affair, with the hurt on both sides too fresh to laugh away with a cute turn of phrase.

West doesn’t hide her own sadness while confronting the man who wants back into her life. “Wipe off those sad eyes,” she sings, “‘Cause I’ve got some tears of my own.” While the guy in question doesn’t sound like that big of a prize anyway (“Come on show me your temper/Be the man I remember” she sings at one point), West sounds more filled with resignation then relief as she pushes him away.
West turns in a gorgeous performance on “Blue Sky,” hitting notes few of her contemporaries can reach. She does it without throwing in any unnecessary or showy histrionics, either. If vocals actually mattered when determining which songs would become hits, West would have more than one charting single to her name.