Monday, July 19, 2010

3.5 Magnitude Quake Hits Hawaii

The Oahu region of Hawaii was hit yesterday by a 3.5 magnitude earthquake. No serious damage was reported, but tourists got to experience one of Hawaii’s most famous events.

The volcanic islands are hit by a number of quakes daily, but most of them are too weak to be noticed.
The locals are used to the volcanic movements, but they still fear that the Big One might hit, like the 6.9 magnitude one that destroyed hundreds of homes on the Kona coast on the west side of Hawaii.However, the earthquakes are not the most feared disasters in Hawaii.

The tsunamis are far more dangerous. One of the most destructive tsunamis in Hawaii occurred on April 1, 1946, following an Aleutian Islands earthquake. Waves 55 feet high, crest to trough, struck the northeast coast of Hawaii.

A recent 7.3 earthquake in Papua New Guinea created some unrest, but it seems that it won’t cause any dangerous tsunamis in Hawaii.